In Love With Matcha

I have a dirty little secret to admit. Those green tea lattes at Starbucks? Yeah. I love them. And I hate that I love them. So it’s a really good thing that I’ve discovered a better alternative, and I don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for each serving. Thanks to the organic matcha powder that I got from Kiss Me Organics, I can now make better lattes at home that are much... read more

Bad Ideas in Candy Making 101.

Gummi Fried Eggs What they thought: “Fat kid’s dream breakfast!” What actually came of it: Something that looks disgusting and smells like a strange mix of butterscotch and candy corn. I don’t dare try it, for fear of its immediate return to the surface. The smell and appearance are just too much for me to overcome. I’m all for strange candy, but this surpasses... read more

How I enjoy Hi-Chew…

Step 1: Mix several different flavor packs in a jar. Step 2: Play “Guess the flavor?” Step 3: Win by having an excuse to eat a ton of Hi-Chew candy. So I’m testing out this WordPress iPhone app that I downloaded with the hopes that it will make quick updates much simpler for me. Hopefully this post works out. Fingers crossed! Also, I Just recently picked up some really awesome and helpful... read more

New content is coming…

Since I’ve pretty much fallen out of touch with new music (read as: grown old), I find my work and DJ gigs wholly overwhelming, and I would rather talk about the normal day-to-day things that I think about as opposed to what the internet says I’m supposed to like… I suppose it’s time to fully migrate the format of this website and at least start writing something. Whether it’s... read more

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

I know that I have not updated here in quite some time, and this post is not exactly going to be the triumphant return that I was hoping for. I have been dealing with a lot of life changes and emotional breakthroughs lately (and sometimes breakdowns), which hasn’t allowed me much extra time or energy for thoughtful planning. While my writing skills may be vastly suffering at the moment due to lack of... read more